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Collective motion of active Brownian particles with polar alignment

Aitor MartĂ­n-GĂłmez, Demian Levis, Albert DĂ­az-Guilera, and Ignacio Pagonabarraga
Soft Matter 14 2610 2618 (2018)

Synchronization invariance under network structural transformations

LluĂ­s Arola-FernĂĄndez, Albert DĂ­az-Guilera, and Alex Arenas
Physical Review E 97 060301 (2018)

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Opinion competition dynamics on multiplex networks

R Amato, N E Kouvaris, M San Miguel and A DĂ­az-Guilera
New J. Phys 19 123019 (2017)

Influence of topology in the mobility enhancement of pulse-coupled oscillator synchronization

A. Beardo, L. Prignano, O. Sagarra, and A. DĂ­az-Guilera
Phys. Rev. E 96 062306 (2017)

Wiring the Past: A Network Science Perspective on the Challenge of Archeological Similarity Networks

Luce Prignano, Ignacio Morer, Albert Diaz-Guilera
Front. Digit. Humanit. 4 13 (2017)

Interplay between social infuence and competitive strategical games in multiplex networks

Roberta Amato, Albert DĂ­az-Guilera, Kaj-Kolja Kleineberg
Scientific Reports 7 7087 (2017)

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Food-Bridging: A New Network Construction to Unveil the Principles of Cooking

Tiago Simas, Michal Ficek, Albert Diaz-Guilera, Pere Obrador and Pablo R. Rodriguez
Frontiers in ICT 4 14 (2017)

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Stationary patterns in star networks of bistable units: Theory and application to chemical reactions

Nikos E. Kouvaris, Michael Sebek, Albert Iribarne, Albert DĂ­az-Guilera, and IstvĂĄn Z. Kiss
Phys. Rev. E 95 042203 (2017)

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Noise-induced polarization switching in complex networks

Jan O. Haerter, Albert Díaz-Guilera, and M. Ángeles Serrano
Phys. Rev. E 95 042305 (2017)

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Synchronization in Dynamical Networks of Locally Coupled Self-Propelled Oscillators

Demian Levis, Ignacio Pagonabarraga, and Albert DĂ­az-Guilera
Phys. Rev. X 7 (2017)

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Quantification of network structural dissimilarities

Tiago A. Schieber, Laura Carpi, Albert DĂ­az-Guilera, Panos M. Pardalos, Cristina Masoller & MartĂ­n G. Ravetti
Nature Communications 8 13928 (2017)

Chimera states in a network-organized public goods game with mutations

Nikos E. Kouvaris, Ruben J. Requejo, Johanne Hizanidis and Albert Diaz-Guilera
Chaos 26 123108 (2016)

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Synchronization of mobile chaotic oscillator networks

N. Fujiwara, J. Kurths, A. Diaz-Guilera
Chaos 26 094824 (2016)

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Replicator dynamics with diffusion on multiplex networks

R.J. Requejo & A. Diaz-Guilera
Phys. Rev. E 94 022301 (2016)

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Active and reactive behaviour in human mobility: the influence of attraction points on pedestrians

M. Gutiérrez-Roig, O. Sagarra, A. Oltra, J. R. B. Palmer, F. Bartumeus, A. Díaz-Guilera, J. Perelló
Royal Society Open Science 3 160177 (2016)

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Role of adjacency-matrix degeneracy in maximum-entropy-weighted network models

Sagarra, O. and PĂ©rez Vicente, C. J. and DĂ­az-Guilera, A.
Physical Review E 92 (2015)

How Does Network Topology Determine the Synchronization Threshold in a Network of Oscillators?

Lubos Buzna, Sergi Lozano, Albert DĂ­az-Guilera
Operations Research Proceedings 2012 135 (2012)

Supersampling and Network Reconstruction of Urban Mobility

Oleguer Sagarra, Michael Szell, Paolo Santi, Albert DĂ­az-Guilera, and Carlo Ratti
PLoS One 10 (2015)

An algebraic topological method for multimodal brain networks comparisons

Tiago Simas, Mario Chavez, Pablo R. Rodriguez and Albert Diaz-Guilera
Front. Psychol. (2015)

Chimera-like states in modular neural networks

Johanne Hizanidis, Nikos E. Kouvaris, Gorka Zamora-LĂłpez, Albert DĂ­az-Guilera & Chris G. Antonopoulos
Scientific Reports 6 19845 (2016)

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