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Complexity Science and Past Complex Systems

Albert   |  events   |   18/11/2019

How can complexity science help us better understand past and present complex social systems as diverse as the Roman economy and online social networks? This one-day workshop will explore the role complexity science, and in particular its use of network approaches, can play for the study of the human past, and how it enables comparisons between past and present-day complex social systems.

Complexity science is now a thriving field and its application for the study of the human past shows huge potential. This workshop will explore this potential.

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Annual naXys Research Day 2019

Albert   |  events   |   22/10/2019

Invited talk about the specificities of the Universitat de Barcelona Institute of Complex Systems (UBICS)

Recent publications

Benchmarking seeding strategies for spreading processes in social networks: an interplay between infuencers, topologies and sizes

Montes, F.; Jaramillo, A.M.; Meisel, J.D.; Diaz-Guilera, A.; Valdivia, J.A.; Sarmiento, O.L.; Zarama, R.
Scientific Reports 10 3666 (2020)

Functionability in complex networks: Leading nodes for the transition from structural to functional networks through remote asynchronization

Gemma Rosell-Tarrago, Albert Diaz-Guilera
Chaos 30 013105 (2020)

Assessing diversity in multiplex networks

Laura C. Carpi, Tiago A. Schieber, Panos M. Pardalos, Gemma Marfany, Cristina Masoller, Albert Díaz-Guilera & Martín G. Ravetti
Scientific Reports 9 4511 (2019)

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