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Dynamics Days Latin America and the Caribbean, 2018

Albert   |  events   |   26/11/2018

Since its beginnings, a key goal of the Dynamics Days LAC has been to promote cross-fertilization of ideas from different areas. In particular, the meeting is deliberately structured to encourage active participation from young scientists, through invited and contributed oral presentations or posters. On this occasion, there will be also thematic mini-symposia, ranging from brain networks, power grids and information technology, to smart cities and social networks.

More info: https://ddayslac2018.org/

Complex networks: from socio-economic systems to biology and brain

Albert   |  events   |   10/07/2018

The aim of this workshop is to gather the community of scientists working in the different branches of network theory applied to social and natural sciences in order to create new synergies and potential scientific advancements.

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Pint Of Science 2018

Albert   |  events   |   15/05/2018

Ho sabem. Estem rodejats d'informació que ens arriba per tots els canals possibles. Xarxes, xarxes, per tot arreu. Xarxes que ens registren, que ens retraten, que ho saben tot de nosaltres. Els missatges, el transport, l'electricitat, el clavegueram, els nostres amics, els nostres seguidors, els documents que llegim, .... Totes aquestes xarxes són força complexes només considerant-les aïlladament. Aiiii, sí, però al final resulta que estan totes lligades entre elles, quina complexitat!

Las 'fake news' ganan por goleada

PĂşblico   |  events   |   26/03/2018

Las 'fake news' ganan por goleada

'Público' habla con los expertos en estudios de sistemas complejos Albert Díaz-Guilera, Luce Prignano y Emanuele Cozzi para conocer en mayor profundidad el mundo de las noticias falsas

Recent publications

Opinion competition dynamics on multiplex networks

R Amato, N E Kouvaris, M San Miguel and A DĂ­az-Guilera
New J. Phys 19 123019 (2017)

Influence of topology in the mobility enhancement of pulse-coupled oscillator synchronization

A. Beardo, L. Prignano, O. Sagarra, and A. DĂ­az-Guilera
Phys. Rev. E 96 062306 (2017)

Wiring the Past: A Network Science Perspective on the Challenge of Archeological Similarity Networks

Luce Prignano, Ignacio Morer, Albert Diaz-Guilera
Front. Digit. Humanit. 4 13 (2017)

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